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Electrical Contacts

Electrical ContactsElectrical ContactsNormandy Machine Co. (NMC) has been a trusted supplier to the electric power transmission and distribution industry since 1940, serving most Transformer Manufacturers, nearly all Electric Utilities, and scores of Industrial Plants in the USA. NMC repairs and manufactures component parts for power transformers and circuit breakers, including low and high voltage bushings, contacts, tap changers, and switch gear.

Contact Problems?

NMC can help; whether you need a contact refurbished or new contacts that meet or exceeds OEM Specs — or a "NMC One" product that meets or exceeds customers needs to extend contact life. The Catalog marks these by   blue lettering and * symbol.

The NMC Catalog is a comprehensive list of parts and part numbers for all makes and models of Load Tap Changers (LTC's) and Oil Circuit Breakers (OCB's) plus various other parts needed by substation maintenance crews.

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