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Disconnect Switches
NMC Powerswitch Disconnect Switches
NMC Powerswitch Disconnect Switches
POWERSWITCH, INC. was established in 1989 by Normandy Machine Co. (NMC) to supply Transit Authorities and their Contractors with a source for high quality manually operated and motor operated high voltage DC traction power disconnect switches.

NMC's broad experience manufacturing parts for AC power transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear facilitates the addition of these specialty DC switches to our product line. The materials, manufacturing skills, and production facilities needed to re-manufacture or make new transformer parts are the same for both product lines.

Wide spread acclaim for our switches -- and re-orders from previous customers -- are your assurance that NMC's proven reputation for fast response, economical solutions, flexibility, and consistent high quality is the way we do business at NMC-POWERSWITCH.

POWERSWITCH can meet your new or replacement 600-1000 volt DC disconnect switch needs. Companion products include fiberglass enclosures, cable connectors, and 1000 volt DC switch heater contactors and fuse boxes, just to name a few.

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